Keeping You Safe

Our number one priority is the well-being and safety of our guests and team members. To ensure this, we have rigorous procedures and routines in place regarding enhanced cleaning and physical distancing.

New processes for cleaning and hygiene

Our team members are being trained in enhanced cleaning routines, both within personal hygiene and new cleaning routines. We are also following COVID-19 guidelines provided by local health authorities.

Cleaning products for guests

On site, in washrooms and toilets, we will be providing ample cleaning supplies, hand sanitisers, soap, tissues, kitchen roll/paper towels and clean towels.

Physical distancing

Check-in and check-out times will be staggered, and you must arrive at your designated times which you will receive in your booking confirmation email. Upon arrival you will be given full instructions about use of shared facilities and special COVID-19 regulations.

Folders in your tent will cover:

Health, Safety and Emergency Procedures

What is in your accommodation

Places to visit

Food and entertainment options.

Breakfast – we provide the option of a self-service breakfast (granola, bread, tea/coffee etc) from the main barn area. This can be either picked up from the barn and taken back to your tent or can be eaten at social distanced tables in the barn area. 

Staff Protective clothing- PPE

All staff will wear gloves, a mask and an apron when cleaning pre, post (and if required) during a guest stay.

Cleaning equipment for staff

All equipment e.g. mops, brushes and cloths we use are cleaned and washed at 60 degrees and, where possible, disposable cloths in high-risk areas with 70% alcohol sanitiser. All kitchen brushes and sponges will be sanitised using 70% alcohol sanitiser or replaced.

All usual cleaning times will be increased by another 25% to ensure units will be cleaned rigorously, following procedures and routines in place regarding enhanced cleaning.

High touch areas and objects

Priority will be taken in all ‘high-touch’, horizontal areas and hard surfaces, these include: all handles, doors, cool boxes, cookers, wood-burner, BBQ, toilet seats and flush, information folder, toasters, kettle, light switches, taps, waste and recycle bins, bread bin, fire poker, worktops and shelves.

Cutlery and crockery – Please bring your own, there are washing-up facilities and hot water available on site.

Bed Linen – We ask guests to bring their own bed linen and towels. We have removable mattress protectors which are washed at 60C and replaced between each stay. 

Cleaning products:

We  provide ample cleaning supplies, hand sanitisers, tissues, kitchen and roll/paper towels.

Showers and sinks: There are 4 hot showers and 8 washbasins in two separate blocks

 Each bell tent “bubble” can book a slot between 8:00am -10:00am in the morning and between 1800-2000pm in theevening. These showers will be deep cleaned after each session.  

Toilets: There are a total of ten toilets plus one accessible toilet, these are outside facing. Each numbered bell tent is allocated a numbered toilet for their stay. They are deep cleaned twice a day, wiped with disposable cloths and detergent and then sprayed with 60% alcohol to disinfect. There is anti-bac gel available outside for cleansing before and after use. 

Tent Cleaning: Before and after your stay your bell tent is thoroughly deep cleaned and disinfected, any loose furnishings e.g. mattress covers and throws are washed at 60C. The mattresses are washed with disinfectant and the matting taken outside and spray cleaned. 

All tables/crates, folders and lamps etc will be sprayed and wiped with 60% alcohol disinfectant then aired outside in the sunlight.